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List of all HTPC topics

Following are some of the topics I plan to cover in this publication, based on my own experiences. Hope I have time to cover them all! If you would like to see any of the topics sooner, let me know and if I think that info is not available elsewhere on the internet, I will prioritize that.

  1. Choice of Motherboard
  2. Video connection types (S-Video, Composite) and technicalities
  3. Choice of best OS/Software for HTPC
  4. Choice of filesystem on Linux HTPC
  5. Philosophy – hack very little, stick to standard means – sustainability, maintainability, reproduceability – COVERED
  6. Mythbuntu Theme setup
  7. Basic settings – video sources, connections and other misnomers
  8. EPG Listings source and grabber for India – DONE!
  9. Choice of hauppauge and MCE IR hardware for easy detection and configuration – cheap shortcuts do not pay
  10. lircd, irexec – architecture, proper way of starting/restarting (init.d, upstart) and permissions/ownerships of executables. My own robust irexec for a host of useful functions.
  11. lirc IR receiver – linux dev input handling, RC6 codes, repeat parameters etc
  12. lirc IR blaster – homemade serial
  13. IR codes format explanation RC6
  14. Configuring system suspend and wakeup on lirc power-button press – (like but better.
  15. Wakeup on IR key press: sudo sh -c ‘echo “USB0” > /proc/acpi/wakeup’
  16. Capture card – detection, audio, mpeg card selection in backend, ivtv options in modprobe, resolution setting, cpu setting, PAL setting
  17. Channel icons – script (direct populate sql db)
  18. Reduce latency to speed up channel switch – hd ring buffer, ivtv options
  19. Choice of sound output, SPDIF out – iec958 on setting
  20. Bluray playback on Linux – about dumphd and other items
  21. SRT text file subtitles for movies, mapping ‘T’ key
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  1. Prakash permalink
    June 23, 2013 7:37 pm

    Hi Ravi,

    Nice article.

    I am looking at building an HTPC for connecting it to a 42″ led for watching movies, playing movies etc.

    Please could you please recommend a good configuration based on currently available components.

    Would like to have a blueray drive for playing blueray discs.

    Thanks in advance..

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